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v4vhse » Career Corner » Current Affairs » List of Mughal Emperors

List of Mughal Emperors

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1default List of Mughal Emperors on Sun Oct 21, 2012 6:44 pm


Legend of VHSE
List of Mughal Emperors

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Name Birth-Death Reign Period Notes
Zaheeruddin BabarFebruary 23, 1483-

December 26, 1530

1526-1530Founder of the Mughal Dynasty.
Nasiruddin Mohammed HumayunMarch 6, 1508-

January 1556


Reign interrupted by Suri Dynasty.Youth and inexperience at
ascension led tohis being regarded as a less effective ruler than
usurper, Sher Shah Suri.

Sher Shah Suri1472-

May 1545

1540-1545Deposed Humayun and led the Suri Dynasty;
introduced tight, effective administration policies that would later
be adopted by Akbar.
Islam Shah Suri1500-


1545-15542nd and last ruler of the Suri Dynasty, with less
control of the empire than his father; claims of sons Sikandar and
Adil Shah were eliminated by Humayun's restoration.
Nasiruddin Mohammed HumayunMarch 6, 1508 -

January 1556

1555-1556Restored rule was more unified and effective than initial reign of 1530-1540; left unified empire for his son, Akbar.
Jalaluddin Mohammed AkbarNovember 14, 1542-

October 27, 1605

1556-1605Akbar greatly expanded the Empire and is regarded
as the most illustrious ruler of the Mughal Dynasty as he set up the
empire's various institutions; he married Mariam-uz-Zamani, a Rajput
princess. He eventually founded Din-i-Ilahi, a syncretic religion
based on Hinduism and Islam.
Nuruddin Mohammed JahangirOctober 1569 -


1605-1627Jahangir set the precedent for sons rebelling
against their Emperor fathers. Opened first relations with the
British East India Company. Reportedly was an alcoholic and his wife
Empress Nur Jahan became the real power behind the throne and
competently ruled in his place.
Shahabuddin Mohammed Shah Jahan Known as Prince Khurram before ascension to the throneJanuary 5, 1592 -


1627-1658Under him, Mughal art and architecture reached
their zenith; constructed the Taj Mahal, Jama Masjid,
Jahangirmausoleum and Shalimar Gardens inLahore.Deposed and
imprisoned by his son Aurangzeb.
Moinuddin Mohammed Aurangzeb AlamgirOctober 21, 1618 -

March 3, 1707

1658-1707More conservative in behavior and far less extravagant as the previous emperors; brought back Islamic law, and the jizya
tax. His conquests expanded the empire to its greatest extent,
incorporating much of southern India; the over-stretched empire would
face challenges after his death.
Bahadur Shah I
a.k.a Shah Alaam
October 14, 1643 -

February 1712

1707-1712First of the Mughal emperors to preside over a
steady and severe decline in the territories under the empire's
control and military power. After his reign, the emperor became a
progressively insignificant figurehead.
Jahandar Shah1664 -

February 1713

1712-1713He was merely a puppet in the hands of his Chief
Minister Zulfikar Khan. The acts of Jahandar Shah brought down the
prestige of the Mughal Empire.
Furrukhsiyar1683 -


1713-1719In 1717 he granted a firman to the English East
India Company granting them duty free trading rights for Bengal, and
confirmed their position in India.
Rafi Ul-DarjatUnknown -


Rafi Ud-Daulat
a.k.a Shah Jahan II
Unknown -


NikusiyarUnknown -


Mohammed IbrahimUnknown -



Mohammed Shah
1702 -


1719-1720, 1720-1748Suffered the invasion of Nadir-Shah of Persia in 1739.

To download a powerpoint presentation click here

One more powerpoint on mughal emperors





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