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Read- This is VHSE

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1default Read- This is VHSE on Sun Oct 14, 2012 11:41 am

Malamaram chakkappan

Hall of fame
Hall of fame
Funniest things in VHSE

1.NVT Commerce- Qualification MCom, BEd, SET
VT Accountancy and Auditing, Banking, Insurance, Book keeping : Qualification : MCom only

Pay scale, Number of period, Nature of job etc. same....
(This is the opinion of Manoj, a member here) I think the pay scale is only same,Number of period is not same. VTs have a maximum 16 hrs, NVT Commerce has 18 hrs. In 16hrs of VT Only 8 hrs are for theory and others are for practical in which the LTAs are engaged rather than VT, especially in commerce the practical is type writing which needs little instructions only

2. LTAs posses VHSE qualification for their entry into service. At present they are categorized into 42 trades as LTA in Agriculture Etc. Yet according to the final gradation list there is no lab technical assistant in some trades. This means there are more LTAs in some trades and their present seat is not the present designation. A designation with Lab Technical Assistant in Accountancy and Auditing may work in Lab Technical Assistant in Medical Lab Technician.This may help promotion to instructors because some of lab assistant may have studied the continuation course of Vhse (Diploma or concerned degree which is qualification of instructors). Interestingly all are recruited from same PSC Lists and so trade wise promotion may effect the advice seniority.

3. Vocational Instructors are just opposite to the above situation. They are recruited from various PSC Lists and so per-categorized. Their promotion is trade wise and this effect juniors to be promoted before seniors of service. The VT post which may have same qualification will be given to the instructors of that trade only -For example Accountancy and auditing, Banking Assistance and GI have almost same qualification (Mcom) for VT and AA has 10 by 52 post for promotion. In BA and GI it is only 1 by 7. And Instructors of BA and GI are early recruited in 2008 and AA only in 2010. The present promotion policy allows only 1 qualified instructor each from BA and GI to promote to VT while other 6 qualified members should have to stay as instructors while the instructors in AA recruited later with same qualification may promoted as VT just because 10 posts may be available for promotion.

4. The promotion to NVT is available to Ministerial as by Transfer appointment and even to HSAs, UPSAs and LPSAs as 5,15 and 5% respectively. But the B.Ed qualified LTAs or Instructors have no chance to be transferred to NVT Posts

5, People with only a Degree(no B.Ed training) get salary of Gazetted and Become Principal- This can be never seen anywhere rest of the world

6. Commerce B.Ed holders with no permanent employment are more than 4000 in Kerala-There were more than 5300 applicants for HSST commerce PSC Exam conducted in June 2012.Vocational teachers are avoided from B.Ed Qualification just because the non availability of the B.Ed holders with some trades. But special rule can be impose B.Ed for VT and enclose a clause that others may be considered in the absence of B.Ed holders. So Vts in MRRTV can be enter without B.Ed and the in Commerce trades the B.Ed holders may be VTs and may have a good image for VHSE

2default Re: Read- This is VHSE on Mon Oct 15, 2012 6:11 am


Vhse is not mere academic course like plus two. So there will be some change





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3default Re: Read- This is VHSE on Sat Oct 27, 2012 12:55 pm


Legend of VHSE
All are now to work together for removing the drawbacks ofVHSE





സുഖമൊരു ബിന്ദു .............
ദുഃഖമൊരു ബിന്ദു..............
ബിന്ദുവില്‍ നിന്നും ബിന്ദുവിലേക്കൊരു പെന്റുലമാടുന്നു.
ജീവിതം ........അത് ജീവിതം

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4default Re: Read- This is VHSE on Sat Oct 27, 2012 7:52 pm


Let us sit under the canopy of job security and enjoy.
what if the course doesn't function well? We'll get salary. How many VHSE staff have enrolled their wards in vocational courses? Yes... this is a deptt. where the fence eats the crop!

5default Re: Read- This is VHSE on Tue Nov 13, 2012 10:45 pm


Many teachers in govt/aided enrol their children in cbse. Is this mean govt/aided schools are bad for future of children?

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