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v4vhse » Career Corner » Current Affairs » GK Questions and Answers on Indian Constitution

GK Questions and Answers on Indian Constitution

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Indian Constitution

1. India is a democratic republic because: - The Head of the State is elected by the people

2.From which date did the Constitution of India come into force - 26 January, 1950

3. The number of Members of the Rajya Sabha nominated by the President is - 12

4. A Money Bill passed by the Lok Sabha can be detained by Rajya Sabha for a maximum period of - 14 days

5. Fundamental Rights can be classified into - 6 groups

7. . Under the provisions of which Article of the Constitution is President's rule imposed in a State - Article 365

8. Main Standing Committee of Lok Sabha are - Committee on Public Accounts, Estimates Committee, Committee on Public Undertaking

9. The work of General Purpose Committee is to advise - The speaker

How many Schedules are contained in the Constitution of India - 12 schedules

11. What are essential conditions for the protection of Fundamental Rights - Eternal Vigilance and Political Consciousness

12. 61st Amendment Act 1989, what was the age of Indian citizen eligible to vote in the Election - 21 years

13. which Constitutional Amendment Act, Article 368 of the Constitution was amended for the first time - 24th Amendment Act

14. The First constitutional amendment was carried out in which year - 1951

15. What is a Federation - A voluntary federation of autonomous states


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