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v4vhse » Career Corner » Open Stage » Last bell of VHSE is not far away - Thugs cant resist this news material

Last bell of VHSE is not far away - Thugs cant resist this news material

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VHSE Terminator

Dear friends
Do you know that the selfishness of Ex Chief Executive is the actual cause for spoiling 2 years of last 2 batch students in VHSE? If you don’t know kindly read this and you will know about it.
As the Malayalam saying goes “Chumarundenkile Chitram Varakkan Pattukayullu”, some one with selfish motives that too the ex top executive knows that VHSE is his wall and he can make paintings in this wall only. Since he is not from IAS cadre, he has no other option to hold higher position except to make VHSE exist. As such this fellow does not have any caliber to climb the career ladder with out any support. The support came in the political form named Muslim League. The person in lime light is the son of a top ML politician and that was the only qualification he had to hold that post.
Because of this selfishness only, he tried to keep the VHSE exist and he is the main culprit behind curtailing Level 1 to 4 (Standard 9 to Standard 12) within 2 years VHSE with 4 modules. But fortunately or unfortunately Central Govt. didn’t give sanction for this proposal and so the fate of 2 batches of students who are studying at present may be Ram Ram and Govinda.
I am just putting here in black and white just to make all understand that poison against NSQF is being injected from top to bottom with the intention of protecting the top level chairs and not to benefit any teaching community.
Think and Act wise and have a Happy Cluster meeting from Class 1 to Class 12 going to be held on 24/03/2017. Participate actively in the meeting with out any grudge to High School and Higher Secondary Staff. Feel all as Government servants. Don’t fall in the sweet trap of at least some of the VHSE staff with such stupid feelings.

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