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v4vhse » Career Corner » Open Stage » UGC NET Supplementary Result is violation of Article 14?

UGC NET Supplementary Result is violation of Article 14?

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UGC announced a supplementary result and made passed about 15000 students as they involved in the top 7% of the concerned subject.It is not an anomaly or violation of any article as referred by some people. In the nagpur order page no 24 says UGC lawyer argued that petitioners should not argue against the supplementary result without making a candidate who benefited from it as a party in the case. As a reply to this petitioners advocate said, they are not saying it was a wrong but just want to extend such a result (supplementary) also for petitioners.

Then people say those who got 64.57 has been declared passed while those who got the near minimum (about 42% or less aggregate) has declared passed and this is an anomaly. But in the prevailing situation, as NET is conducting as a recruitment test by UGC,(though it is illegal for an eligibility test) and that is why this happens. UGC has selected top 7% of the total appeared for exam subject to the paper minimum and so cut off comes. So the candidate who got 64.57% cannot be said better than who got 40% because the candidate who got 64.57% comes in the 93% lower group due to the easy question in his subject or comparatively brilliant top 7% in his subject. The candidate who got nearly minimum is good because, he has got more marks than 93% of candidates scored in his subject inspite of the difficulty level of the question. The whole can be exemplified as follows
Suppose following is the result of two subjects arranged in descending order of marks
Category is general
Commerce                                                   Computer science
No    Name          Agg%           No    Name           Agg%
1.      Anu            80%              1     Ram               70%
2.     Mithun         74%              2    Varsha          65%
3.     Meg               72%              3.  jain                 62%
4.    Akhil              70%              4.  Shiva             57%
5.    Shyam           68%              5  Rahu            52%
6.    Binu               66%              6. Sneha            50%
7.    Raj                65%             7. Ravi                   46%
8.    Sudheer        64%             8.  ramesh            42%
9    ----------       -------            9   -----         ---------              ----------------                         ------------
---  --------------                  -----------           -----------------                      ----------------
100. Sathees    20%              100. Rohith                               10%

Suppose 100 candidates wrote exam in both subjects and when selecting the top 7% , in the commerce the candidate up to Raj who got 65% will be passed and so cut off will be 65%. All others who got even 64.57% includes in the failed 93% remaining candidates and in computer science the top 7% ends in ravi who got 46% aggregate. Ravi is brilliant in comparing with students of his subject as it is difficult. Only 6 persons are scored more than him and all other 93% is below him. How this become anomaly of violation of Article 14?

If it is violation then NET should only be conducted only once. Because the difficulty level of question differs and so the cut off of June 2012 and december 2012 were differ. The cut off for commerce in for general in december 2012 was 60%. But in June I think it was 64.57% for general. If you say supplementary result was violation then this also could be said violation and no question maker could make an equally easy/difficulty level question at all and the all over performance of students may also differ.

One more thing- You may say NET is an eligibility test and recruitment rules are not bind to it. It is right and there no need of top 7% of all or top 15% of the minimum acquired. But Noone has challenged the June 2013 notification which contains top 15% rule. If you are a June victim and has applied for June 2013 you internally agree that NET is a selection/recruitment test

I am not supporter of UGC. But facts are facts. There is no need of baseless criticism

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