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Support or Resist the proposal of Merging or Revamping VHSE ?

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Will you support or oppose the proposal of Merging or Revamping VHSE

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default Support or Resist the proposal of Merging or Revamping VHSE ?

Post by VHSE Terminator on Thu May 02, 2013 8:55 pm

Let me ask all of you one question – Should we support or resist in

a) Merging of VHSE with HSE

b) Revamping VHSE

c) Bringing all general education sector of the state under Director of Public Instructions

Merging of VHSE with HSE means from the date of merging, VHSE with HSE there will be no VHSE department and the whole unit will be considered as a single department in the name HSE department. By revamping VHSE department means top to bottom modification of VHSE department with additions and deletion of courses etc would be done.. Yet another proposal considered by the government is bringing all the general education sector of the state under Director of Public Instructions (DPI)

This is a debate and like participation from all friends. I am putting here my views and more creative additions for and against my views are expected to be published here

We should be aware that we are living in a technically, economically and socially progressing atmosphere. Standing all alone among the crowd in any way will not help to get full benefits of individuals rather can help promoting the selfish motives of few persons. Most of the VHSE staffs are sacrificing own benefits for the selfish motives of few people. Please be CAUTIOUS on this.

As one of my friends rightly said (Watch the guest book of our site itself)

“As said by Ms Suhasini, we should be able to understand the hidden motives of the teaching staff of our department and also their selfish motive behind the resistance of merging

If merging is undertaken, we may be placed with some other posts according to our qualification and other departments rather than being a part of this dead department


Now consider our department, we can divide it in to 4 parts

1) The Executive wing – Constituted by the Director of VHSE to the Assistant Directors of VHSE

2) The Vocational Staff – Constituted by the Vocational Teacher, Vocational Instructor and The Lab Technical Assistants

3) The non Vocational staff – Consisting of Non Vocational Teachers

4) The ministerial Staff – Consisting of all others namely the Clerks, Peons, Watchman etc etc

Again the educational Institutions can be divided in to 2 as follows

1) Privately Managed but Aided Schools

2) Government Managed Schools

Let us examine each category one by one to find out where the resistance of merging lies and what is the motive behind the resistance

The Executive wing – We are aware that the power one have in own house cannot be shown in other house and hence they will naturally resist the move for merging. Once merging is done, they will be reallocated to other department or be part of a large department and they cannot “Show off” as at present. It has been noted that the top level executives are injecting poison to the lower level staff of the department to resist merging. May be with the motive of merging, the State Government is not interested in filling the post of Director of the Department

The Vocational Staff – Major and probably the only group that resist in successful merging of both departments is the vocational staff of the department. As the Executive wing cannot directly show their dissatisfaction, their plan of action is implemented through the Vocational Staff of the department and to a reasonable extends through the non vocational staff also. Combined with the support of top level executive and the laziness of carrying out their duties and responsibilities is the major driving force of such resistance. The vocational Staff wing itself can be divided in to three

a) Vocational Teacher (VT)

b) Vocational Instructor (VI) and

c) Laboratory Technical Assistant (LTA) in which we all include

Dear friends, all of us know the importance of Vocational Higher Secondary Education. There will be a Vocational Subject based on which each and every student will acquire skill. All of us are aware of the duty of a Vocational Teacher. He/She is the one who is primarily responsible for teaching skills to students. Next comes the Vocational Instructor and we the LTAs are having supportive function only. But now a days in each and every VHSSs it has been seen that Vocational Teachers and Vocational Instructors are fighting each other competing in washing off hands from their responsibilities. Often in such cases we become the scalp goat. How come we will be performing our duty when we are appointed in a trade which we dont have any skill and it is not our fault too? One more thing worth noting here, quoting a small clauses of special rules we are being forced to perform the duties of Office Assistants or even Peons. Such situations should change. For such a change I hope merging of VHSE and HSE is the only solution we have at present. As far as what I know, a huge proportion of the Vocational staff themselves is favoring the proposal of merging. That is what in the beginning itself I said, just for protecting the selfish motives of a small fraction of staff we should not sacrifice our future

All of us know the recent happenings when the post of Principal in VHSS is sanctioned. Vocational Teachers claim that it is their right to become the Principal and Non Vocation Teachers are in no way eligible for the post. Let me ask you one question to the Vocational Teachers. Just by studying a professional Degree course how come you are superior to Non Vocational Teachers who are having bundles of qualification like PG followed by B.Ed and SET? Is it not showing your selfish motive? Taking in view of such clashes only, with in few days of sanction, our Government was forced to cancel it too.

Non Vocational Staff – This is the major group which I had seen favoring merging proposal. As the process goes successful, they can find more opportunities with respect to the career, favorable place of work by transfer and promotions. Further who don’t like to be the part of a respected department (HSE) rather than being a part of the dead department (As my friend Rajneesh says). So congratulations to all my Non Vocational Colleagues. Keep up your enthusiasm for successful merger.

The Ministerial Staff – Except for the clerical staff, who are like the Non vocational staff, others don’t have any difference in being a part of any department. They like to be “As is Where is” Condition. They wont have any difference in any of their roles or duties.

Now aided school staff Vs. Govt. School staff

This is the greatest Head ache our Government is going to face during merging. Aided school staffs have their livelihood only by getting students each year. I think they are not aware that the concept of “We two we have two” has changed to “We two we have one” and hence the number of students seeking admission in each year is decreasing. My dear friends of Aided school management , you may be speaking loud among public and may be canvassing students saying that VHSE is this VHSE is that etc etc now tell me how many of your kids are doing or did their plus two in VHSE? We may be lucky if we get result as 1%. If you are not willing to take RISK on your student how can you preach before innocent guardians to send their kids to VHSE. Is it not a way of cheating ? A point to think about

Any way once employed means employed and hence our Hon. Government must consider their case sympathetically and successfully. But my dear friends of aided school management, one request to you all please don’t come in front of us to resist the progressive plans put forward by our Government. Remember the saying “Make Hay while the sun Shines”

Conclusion – As what I feels it is not wise to resist the plans of Government to Merge VHSE with HSE. My request to all my LTA friends is that “Muttathu Varunna Mahalakshmiye Tattikalayaruthe…….” Good Luck to all

NB : Many of our friends wave length may not match with mine in this concept. Please pardon me for that. Expeting to get a health discussion and suggestions based on the topic

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default Thanks

Post by Malamaram chakkappan on Sat May 11, 2013 1:19 pm

Thanks for supporting views. I have read this early in a website of organisation. Later I think it is posted by Raman sir here. Anyway thanks for posting it again. I have posted my views here in 'why is merging invariable' in vhse corner. My motivation was this post which I saw earlier. I am not against any category staff, but had to face criticism here. I request you to post as many articles here





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