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Dear Mr. Rabb, Open your eyes

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Dont you think VHSE must be merged with HSE Dept ?

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default Dear Mr. Rabb, Open your eyes

Post by VHSE Terminator on Thu May 02, 2013 8:43 pm

The Major DRAW BACK of VHSE Department as found from my experience are,

1) Unavailability of students in VHSE and vacant seats in HSE – VHSE is always considered by the public as a last resort for education in plus two levels. Schools which are conducting VHSE courses are always finding difficult in getting students for every year. (Most of the schools which I know hardly get 50% of students each year that too at the last moment before the admission closes). If a survey is conducted among the Students studying in VHSE course, it will be clear that most of them may not be even aware of the importance of the course they are studying. On enquiry most of them replied that they don’t get seat in HSS and hence opted VHSE

2) It is interesting to say that the total number of seats which remains vacant in HSE in each year is more than the total number of students studying in the VHSE in the whole state.

3) Deviated objective of VHSE – The objective of Vocational Higher Secondary education is to make a student capable of handling a technical skill with out further external support. As at present it has much diverted from the actual objective. Present system adopted by the State Government in VHSE is just equivalent to higher secondary Courses with addition of vocational courses in it. In many schools it has been seen that the importance of the Vocational subject is totally neglected giving more importance to non vocational course there by nullifying the importance of VHSE.

4) A student who completes the VHSE course must be able to handle the technical skill he acquired with out much external technical support. But now most of the students who join VHSE are just joining as a last resort and such students never acquire any technical skills after completing the course and they go out empty handed after (Better say wasting) two years.

5) Further the responsibility of the VHSE department finishes once the students completes the course and a certificate issued on successful completion of the course. There is no follow up on the students in the way of performing the skill they acquired. In most of the cases it is seen that after completing the VHSE course, the student will go for general degree course, which never have any connection with the skill they acquired through completing VHSE course. This justifies the saying that they don’t get seat in HSS and hence opted VHSE

6) Outdated courses - Most of the Vocational Courses offered to students at present are outdated. To cite just an example, the Type writing skill associated with the course Office Secretary-ship is a mere waste in the present scene. When computer has replaced Typewriter and almost any one can handle a computer now a days, what relevance does it make with the course?. Another one course in Agriculture (Plant Protection) does not offer any job even to the brightest student who studies this. Then what is the use of such courses?

7) Work load comparison – If we compare the work load of VHSE staff it has been seen that it is much lower than the work load of Higher secondary staff (I am saying about the actual work load and not the written work load) The Vocational staff may be afraid of losing the “Benefits” of low work load enjoyed by them, once they are reallocated to other departments or in the same department itself with different nature of work there by resisting the new system.

Cool Irresponsible teachers - Now a days It has been seen that most of the time the teaching staff instead of performing their duty are seen engaged in surfing free internet social sites or discussing family matters. Some of them are found engaged in activities for improving side income.

9) Neglecting the importance of Marketing in curriculum – Since this is a job oriented program, it is true, production is considered great importance and that is what is being taught. But the marketing part is totally neglected in the curriculum. In the present scene when the success of any product is based on the marketing a product, it is worth mentioning here the irresponsibility of the VHSE department by neglecting the importance of marketing

10) Inequality among HSE and VHSE students – By offering technical skills only to a group of students, our government is denying opportunity to learn these skills to other clause of people. Is this not against the Right for Education Act ?

Hence my suggestion is that both departments (VHSE & HSE) should be merged together and the excess staff must be redeployed accordingly, Major suggestions includes,

1) Many Vocational staff working in the Vocational Higher Secondary Education Department is interested to get reallocated in other departments. Hence option may be called for from the interested employees of VHSE to get reallocated/ Redeployed

2) Most of the Non Vocational teachers don’t have any resistance against the new proposed system of merging VHSE department with HSE department because they themselves likes to be known as a part of the Higher Secondary Education Department rather than the VHSE Department (This is evident from the employees turn over of the department to HSE Dept.) Only some vocational Staff is resisting the change in to new system of merging. To limit their resistance it is better to start implementing the new system in stages. As the success of any system depends on the mentality of Human Resource in it, only those who are interested in reallocation should be included in the first phase

3) The VHSE may be stopped in a phased manner in stages to incorporate the new scheme (Vocational Education and Training Center– VET). For this the new system has to be introduced in an experimental basis in this academic year (2012-13) itself, study the drawbacks, make necessary changes and implement in full fledge from the next academic year onwards

4) Counseling the Vocational Staff for fear of unemployment – Most of the Vocational Staff misbelieve that they may be thrown out unemployed when the new scheme is introduced.

5) The case of handling the VHSE staff in aided Management Schools should be thought of separately

There may arise difference in opinion and resistance from the part of the Staff of VHSE department as there was when Pre-Degree was delinked from the Collegiate Education Department. As a responsible minister in this Government, I believe it is your duty to safe guard the future of the students and our state as a whole rather than protecting the selfish motives of some staff in the VHSE department

VHSE Terminator

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default Is this special for VHSE?

Post by Mahadev on Fri May 03, 2013 5:50 pm


The educational system in all area of Kerala has become degraded. No teachers perform honesty, even in unaided system, the pass percentage and marks may be higher but freely given,


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default Educational reforms at HSS Level

Post by Malamaram chakkappan on Sat May 11, 2013 1:08 pm

The drawbacks of VHSE is becoming more and more revealed now. No one is interested to take initiatives of even the reform of curriculum as suggested by Labba Committee. The committee report says merging should not be done, but suggests for other reforms in HSS level including VHS. The educational vision and views, the policies taken by different governments are oriented in satisfying in a preferential basis of following group.
1. The private unaided group and community organisation and for satisfying their interest
2. The aided school lobby
3. The aided higher secondary and VHSE
4. The General Education Department upto 10 th class
And HSS section, especially govt school are the last preference group.
And interestingly no consideration for students. When a major decision is to be taken, the authorities analyse whether that decision is against to the above group in the hierarchical order. Any decision against the interest of unaided private lobby will be delayed, postponed or should be taken by adding a special clause which minimise the threat to these parties.
Moreover, the government and the official lobby is interested only in collecting funds whether it is from SSA or RMSA. They give preference to utilise these funds in such a way to get a benefit to their pockets. When utilised for govt institutions, the chance of misappropriation is minimum. But in private unaided sector it can be utilised as they like. For eg. the Skill development program offered Rs 30 000 in a month for a vocational staff on a contract basis. If such a scheme was adopted to replace or revamp the present VHSE it may be a revolution. But instead of these, the state decided to conduct it under special scheme. The benefit is that the officials can appoint private candidates to this scheme. They made advertisement that even housewives with qualification can apply for this post. When read between lines it is clear that many of the lady teachers are presently working in unaided sector with a salary of less than Rs 3000, and are satisfied by signing the voucher of Rs 12 000. The management earns very high amounts from these and a portion is given to the officials in each month. Many of those lady teachers need job only for a status and not for salary and even boast our family including me and my husband earns Rs 1 00 000 per month. (The contribution of husband is Rs 97 000 and her is only Rs 3000). I have written these not to humiliate every unaided lady teachers, but a trend seen in many schools and families. And I am clarifying why the 'unaided sector' becomes the favourite of officials and the attitude of authorities towards funding.

So the reforms in HSS level is the last agenda of govt. Even in the anomaly of salary revision, this is visible





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default Re: Dear Mr. Rabb, Open your eyes

Post by Sponsored content

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