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v4vhse » Career Corner » Open Stage » Need for Reanalysis of Human Resource requirement in Vocational Higher Secondary Education Department of Kerala

Need for Reanalysis of Human Resource requirement in Vocational Higher Secondary Education Department of Kerala

Is the work load of VHSE is divided genuinly ?

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VHSE Terminator

The administrative setup of state VHSE department can be divided in to four major sections as follows;

1) The executive wing

2) The Vocational staff including Laboratory Technical Assistants

3) The Non vocational teaching staff

4) The ministerial staff

Analysis on Teaching Staff requirement

Among the four sections, it has been seen that inefficient human resource management has been seen among the Vocational staff. The vocational staff includes Vocational Teacher, Vocational Instructor and Laboratory Technical Assistants. In our state there are 1100 batches of vocational courses conducting in the VHSE department. Each batch has a Vocational Teacher (VT), a Vocational Instructor (VI) and a Laboratory technical Assistant (LTA). Other non Vocational Teachers are common irrespective of Vocational Subjects.

As per the VHSE syllabus, a total of 32 hours has been allotted to the vocational theory and practical per week. For handling this 32 hours per week duration three persons are entrusted with the duty as follows

1) The Vocational Teacher – For handling the theory and part of practical

2) The Vocational Instructor – For handling the remaining part of practical along with the Vocational Teacher and

3) The Laboratory Technical Assistants – For supportive function

A Vocational teacher who is drawing salary equivalent to a senior non vocational teacher (NVT Senior) or Senior Higher Secondary School Teacher (HSST Senior) is just handling 16 hours per week (8 hours for first year and 8 hours for second year – 4 hours each for practical and theory in each year) and a Vocational Instructor is handling practical in each first and second year with 8 hours duration per week. On the other hand, a Senior HSST is handling 24 hours per week.

The Laboratory Technical Assistant, who is associating the course, is qualified with the same course in the plus two levels. If the vocational Teacher is instructed to handle 24 hours, the remaining 8 hours can be handled by the Laboratory Technical Assistant alone or both of them together. The need for Vocational Instructor just to handle a part of the Vocational practical need be rethought of.

Savings to the state – There are 1100 batches of vocational courses conducting in the VHSE department in the whole state. Each course has one instructor. A total of 1100 instructors are serving the VHSE department. On an average each instructor is drawing around 22000 Rs. per month as salary. A total of around Rs. 29 Crore per year (2.42 crores per month) is given as salary for the instructors of VHSE department. Just by a slight modification as stated above this 29 crore per year can be saved by the state. The excess man power can be redeployed for productive purpose also. Hence the need for Vocational Instructor just to handle a part of the Vocational practical – otherwise could be handled by the Vocational Teacher and Laboratory Technical Assistant need be rethought of.

Analysis on Principal/ Clerical staff requirement

Like Higher Secondary Schools, recently the post of Principals has been sanctioned in Vocational Higher Secondary Schools also. Absence of clerical staff in HSS is not affecting its functioning, which shows that man power is adequate. But in VHSE at present there is clerical staff to handle official matters. If the post of Principals is sanctioned on regular basis in VHSE schools the need for clerical staff may be rethought of else that may be another channel of erosion of state revenue.


1) Reanalysis on need of Vocational Instructors for conducting vocational courses

2) Reanalysis on need of Clerical post if Principal Posts are sanctioned on regular basis in VHSS

3) As a whole the Human Resource requirement in state VHSE department need be reworked to avoid leakage of our precious state revenue.


Good logic, it is proved good thinkers here in dept


Legend of VHSE
It is a fact that the future generation need vocational stream of education in a proper and market demanded way. The vocational part of present VHS must be given more importance. The present system is not cope with this demand. A restructuring may strengthen it. No one is interested even in reforming the curriculum. The syllabus of Non-vocational subject also should be modified. All are interested to assure their own position and benefits. Even the ministry is not secure. The majority of only 3 or 4 MLA restricts government from taking crucial decision. So nothing could be expected at oresent





സുഖമൊരു ബിന്ദു .............
ദുഃഖമൊരു ബിന്ദു..............
ബിന്ദുവില്‍ നിന്നും ബിന്ദുവിലേക്കൊരു പെന്റുലമാടുന്നു.
ജീവിതം ........അത് ജീവിതം

4default Who will bell the cat? on Sat May 11, 2013 12:23 pm

Malamaram chakkappan

Hall of fame
Hall of fame
It is quite obvious that there is confusion on the work load of vocational staff. In the schools were a log book is kept for duty taken in each period, the vocational teacher signs as many hours including vocational practical as "they are supervising" the practical imparted by Vocational instructor. The instructors (not all) takes less interest by comparing his duty hours to HSA ( the scale was equal since reforms but at present HSA scale has again increased) and the vocational teachers who draw more salary. The LTA's justification is that 'vocational teacher signs in log for simply sitting in staff room, the instructor just sits in lab and says student to do work (For computer practical, students are engaged in games like racing or cards rather than any creative work) and then why I, a lab technical assistant should take more honesty? As a result, students don't get what they need.

The standard of teaching of others are also going down year by year. As valuation is students friendly and authorities orders to give marks for even question number is written, where should this lead? The parents are satisfied on the high grades for their children and they have no complaint if it is given. The education business mafia need "only passed" candidates and "failure" is not acceptable to them because the seats in their course may vacant. So the pass percentage is above 90% and the remaining 10% will be passed in SAY exams. Every teams are happy in this manipulated game. The time is over for a complete re-building of the present system






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