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June 2012 NET issue and candidates- A SWOT Analysis

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default June 2012 NET issue and candidates- A SWOT Analysis

Post by vivaradoshi on Sun Apr 14, 2013 5:11 pm

The NET exam for June 2012 has got news value through its controversy. UGC changed the criteria after result and this lead the matters in to the different high courts of India and now it is under sub-judice. Thanks to the responses by different candidates in different groups in facebook and other related sites of academicians, I can reach at this opinions by collecting the opinions of different people. Here is the Strength, Weakness, Opportunities and Threat or SWOT analysis of the issue from view point of candidates or june victims

1. Unity and organization of candidates towards injustice especially in Kerala which lead to seek solution legally
2. Kerala High court’s favorable order
3. Awareness and sharing ideas through means of internet, especially facebook
4. Protests made which made people aware of the injustice
5. Rejecting UGC’s application for stay SB order by DB
6. Supporting orders from single bench of other HCincluding Madrs,Bengaluru

1. Low or late response from 90% of victims. Even the organized members communicating through internet is interested in ‘other’s’ action. The attitude to get benefit on other’s action. “We will not give petition. We will not call advocates even the number is got. We will not even look the updates made just below our question for the question made by us and even asks for any update is sent to our email”. These attitudes created a lotbof problem.
2. The fake news of SC relief made cool in candidates. The repeated news came in hindi belt (north india) as there were candidates not organized like Kerala. This fake news made candidates to step backward and they thought why we join petition if already there is SC order. If there was atleast 1 lac petitioners, I am sure the case would have get more importance and atleast some of division bench of court will have given verdict.
3. Some of the leaders in facebook groups gave unnecessary publicity to the Kerala SB order is applicable to all and this lead more candidates to not join in petition. Actually there had a split and some made separate group on this issue. The overall this resulted in encourage in “others will do for us” mentality and low number in further petition given after Kerala SB order. And now they are trying to give advertisement in national papers which cost more than advocate fee for a petition. The leaders were digging pits which all victims are trying to get out from.
4. The internet including facebook is only platform for communicating things and it is not a tool or alternative for fight. A 10 presence in protest is better than a 1000likes. Neither leaders nor others realized
it and many took facebook as a means for fight itself.

5. “I have got a discouraging message”, “I am disturbed on others comments as I am passed in December during my absence”- Even the leaders initiated these type of emotional or sentimental issues in facebook rather than channelizing all efforts to the main objective. The comments containing utter foolishness of higedas who made profiles with pictures of beautiful ladies got more likes and group leaders compete for such higedas and even making admins of the group. Leaders themselves made fake profiles and flashed rumours and quietly enjoyed the emotional comments by poor members. ( When reg no is asked for members and after 300 members gave the reg no, one of the fake profile made the admin cannot tolerate the number of people given reg nos and the no of people came for protest. So by taking his fake profile he abused all those and said why you can’t come to protest?). A member pretending herself as Kiran Bedi has updated
she had even not looked the result of December to get more likes. But the thinking people had one question in mind, then why did she appeared for exam? Such nonsense fed up the relevance of group

1. The Kerala DB order may favour candidates
2. The govt is thinking UGC has done some mismanagement in conduction of NET and this may make UGC to not to approach SC after DB
3. The academicians are favoring candidates
4. Internet based communications can be used more powerfully as more members and matured persons
5. The December result has not brought a very significant fall in the June victims

1. Delay in legal procedure. DB order not yet processed. When issue is at SC more time will be taken
2. Candidate may not get a favorable verdict from DB. The presence of solicitor general as advocate may have lead to unfavorable.Like the profile with girls photo gets more exposure in facebook, even the foolishness of the solicitor general may get ‘acceptability’ than an intelligent statement by S. rishnamoorthy, who appeared for UGC





ഇത് വിവരവും വിദ്യാഭ്യാസവും ഉള്ളവരുടെ ലോകം.പക്ഷെ ലോകത്ത്‌ കാണുന്നതോ വിവരക്കേടിന്റെ സാമ്രാജ്യങ്ങള്‍........ അവിടെ എന്തും വിളിച്ചുപറയാന്‍ കഴിയുന്ന ഒരാളെ ഉള്ളൂ..... വിവരദോഷി


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default Observation on fb group

Post by Mausamkh on Mon Apr 15, 2013 11:52 pm

your Observation on facebook leaders are correct. Today there was a pompous update of a leader that he is disturbed with calls at midnight. Eventually some intelligent members were brave enough to show his real face by good humiliating comments. Some idiot people gave likes but even not read what the leader said as usual and go away. The leader thought someone will see it and write something to praise him- but not happened. Atlast he made a comment with his fake profile having the photo of a lady.
Ha ha ha


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default Facebook

Post by Mausamkh on Thu Apr 18, 2013 3:51 pm

The real color of leaders of facebook group regarding June NET 2012 is something more than you obseved. Today in north indian group leader himself is propogating a rumor that someone had called him and said UGC is preparing NET certificate for June 2012. His aim is clear. He is mad on likes in facebook. He want others to not to apply for June 2012. Some poor victims doubts whether to apply or not and ask the same to this fraud. I can't understand what mental satisfaction does this fraud get from these nonsense rumor. He leads the poor into an idiot's paradise. Such people who grab all badstuff from are with PG with 55%..............! Where is their thinking. It seems such idiotic people never deserve NET certificate or even school certificate.


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default Clear

Post by Mausamkh on Thu Apr 18, 2013 11:28 pm

Now it is clear that the one lady profile in petition group is the leader 'joginder' himself. He made a big rumor that UGC is in the preparation of certificate uploading for june victims. Every idiots engulfed it without touching throat. Atlast another groupleader came and said it is a rumor. The 'Jokeendar' was enjoying all the drama from internet after fake news. When he is challenged he came as fake and defended joginder. The funniest thing is that the idiots who commented and liked his fake update is never know both are same.


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default Re: June 2012 NET issue and candidates- A SWOT Analysis

Post by Sponsored content

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