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v4vhse » Career Corner » Open Stage » UGC NET JUNE 2012- Court Favours UGC?

UGC NET JUNE 2012- Court Favours UGC?

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1default UGC NET JUNE 2012- Court Favours UGC? on Thu Mar 28, 2013 1:17 pm


Dear Friends,

     I am one of the June 2012 net victim. My subject is Commerce and has scored 57% in June 2012 in Examination conducted on 24 June, 2012. I was very sure on passing my NET with the announced criteria in notification and was so happy after the publication of provisional answer key. My dreams seemed to have become real. But the introduction of 60% criteria for OBC brought me a lot of disappointment.

     Then we know what happened. The single bench order of Kerala High court was a phoenix on dreams. Then UGC appealed in Division Bench of Kerala High Court. Everyone including me are waiting for a favourable order.

     Friends, I first thought this is not to reveal anyone....When I first heard this I lost all my happiness and upto this time I am praying to GOD that the news which I heard must be wrong.

    I am working in a Higher Secondary School in Kerala. Mrs. Sheeba is one of my co-worker and she is also a june victim in Commerce. On failure she let it go-but on a friend's compulsion she joined in petition. After that she never called her advocate or friends for inquiry of status of petition as she was not interested in it. Actually I was given the status and position of court which I received from internet. Yesterday (27/3/2013) was our last working and all the staff were present in staff room, all were meeting after one month of exam duty. I said the hearing is completed and verdict is reserved and we can expect it before the vacation of court. But her wordsssssssssssss................Oh my god..........I wish if I had a deafness to not to hear that.......................

She said. The advocate called me Yesterday and said. "Teacher... You are the only one client who don't call me at all after giving the petition. Some of clients calls me twice or thrice everyday and we are in huge pressure. UGC has provided 100s of papers during last hearing and we were helpless to cross each and every. They established the logic of supplementary result and almost established the practice and procedure of publication of result and thus made judges aware of the power of ugc to change criteria. So a positive verdict could not be expected.............

    I wish it must be wrong.. But the fact is that Mrs Sheeba is a gentle customer/client and so the advocate stated the truth......isn't it?


2default True on Fri Mar 29, 2013 6:52 pm


Is it true? There is no some hope in Kerala high court division bench order

3default reply on Fri Mar 29, 2013 9:01 pm


Mrs Prajitha,
Please clarify the source of the news. This is what
against the expectation of thousands of june victims. I can't believe on
what ground the arguments of UGC will be accepted by Judges. The single
bench decision, legally may be by the Honorable Justice R ramachandran
nair, but to my best of knowledge the judges at present division bench
were also present on the hearing of petitioners and the single bench
verdict is actually not the opinion of one Judge. So how can it be

4default What to confirm on Sat Mar 30, 2013 10:00 am


Mr Abhinav, you said to confirm the 'news'. Where is news? This is not a news, but a bitter experience in my life. The expectation about favourable court order was too much and so I can't believe this, my mind never accept this. Yet Mrs sheeba has no single cause to say lie and she is not such a character. So even the advocate is hopless in the order it will surely be favouring UGC

5default Verdict on Sat Mar 30, 2013 3:52 pm


I think it is true. Advocates had called other petitioners also or may be said the same thing when petitioners called. It is obvious from the facebook groups. The bignames or leaders not coming with updates. All are gone behind the curtain. Especially Kerala teams keep dead silent. Some overspeaking bengalees and north victims acquires self confidence through 'we are sure to win 110% or above'. For this type updates there is no supporting comments from kerala petitioners. From this we can understand they are called and received the same from advocates

6default Cheers on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:58 am


It is now OK. In facebook group kerala team says a positive verdict is only expected. In last minute UGC could not show any special magic. So dont worry

7default Clarification on Sun Mar 31, 2013 12:42 pm


Praji teacher,
Sorry for your bad experience. Kindly clarify the following
1) are u petitioner for justice in writ filed in KHC?
2) What is your roll no of june and december 2012?
3)What is the name of advocate called your co worker?
4)what was the content of those 100 papers?
5) why didn't court considered to stay the SB order, though they tried even in the last time? If judges had convinced the 'innocence of UGC' as said by you why dont they allow stay?

8default Clarification on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:16 pm


I can understand your pain. So you could not believe my statement, and you need to illustrate me one who passed NET in june or december for keeping your mind peaceful and expectation. It is said by thinkers that to convince people about truth is impossible and convince a lie is easy. If I have stated an emotional dreamy statement like 'we will win 10000% sure' (as stated by jithin) or a false and fake story that 'supreme court ordered to issue e certificate to all victims' you like people clapp me.

You should only accept my words if I say 'advocate called my friend and said we will win surely'. If I make such statement I will be placed among Gandhiji and Harischandra and no need to explain my family history or roll no. I have made a statement which is not acceptable to you (me too). But it is a truth. I am not compelling you or anyone to believe that. You can expect what you want and I am also pray to god for a positive verdict.

But remember there is another side. You like people swear in facebook that 100% sure win and overspoken statements which make people dream. Those people who accepted failiure also starts
to dream out of this. A sudden news of negative from court reach them to suicide point. (see one of the comment in new indian
express news on court reserved). Who is responsible For this. You like people make them 'conditioned' (pavlov's classic conditioning). They never think other side.

For this purpose I published the truth as I received here. I think it is a crime to not to reveal it.

I am not a petitioner. I dont like to publish my personal details here in public.

I called sheeba again for details. She said advocate name 'joseph'.
The paper submitted by ugc is previous notification from 2000 and the results of previous sessions, minutes of each meeting of those results starting from 2000 to prove the practice of result publishing etc.

I dont know law very much and so I could not answer

9default Indian express news on Sun Mar 31, 2013 4:41 pm


Plese read the comment for that news

i cant understand that whykerla high couert is taking so much time in judgement. realy it is not practicable i got 58% marks in june exam but i was declaired fail so i want5 to know what should i do ? it is in justice and sometimes i am so frustrated that i think i must sucide due to0 ugc and kerla high court judgement if ctete result will be ok afer less than 1% and cbse not did its merit down then there is no need to up its merit by ugc? and when kerla high court is publishing its judgement? i want to know

10default UGC NET June 2012 court update news on Sun Mar 31, 2013 9:31 pm


I think the matter by prajitha is only partially correct. Advocate says there is tough arguments but they are optimistic and see no loophole. Also any advocate will not reveal that he cannot make arguments or they were helpless. After the hearing of Solicitor for UGC there were enough time to cross them.
     I heard one more rumor what I can say complete false. Some of the people said the petitioner's advocates want a failure in double bench as the petition has merit to win in supreme court and they need candidates to approach supreme court. It is a great blunder as the lawyers are professionals and they need victory as early as possible. They have tried their best and they could not be blamed in anyway
    So now chances are 50 50. If DB approves SB verdict with only change in period of issue of certificates it will be the luckiest. Sometimes the order only contain severe criticism on UGC and will be limited in that criticism.Thus contain a statement like this . " It is the extreme irresponsibility from the part of  authority is obvious and mismanagement in the procedures of NET June 2012 Exam is visible in non-revealing   of the criteria even with the publication of result and this brought chaos in candidates. Though some grievance is made through supplementary results ,it seems to be not sufficient. However the change of criteria is made in utmost good faith of keeping quality in education and law cannot rate the quality..........''

The result of this criticism (some times even contain the 65% is too high) is another meeting of UGC and they may declare the  " Some of students have grievance but law approved our stand." But to overcome the pressure of criticism they may declare one more supplementary result in some subjects as 60, 55 and 50 as criteria

    These all are possibilities. All are in the hand of judges and we cannot say the any of the option will definitely happen

Hope the GOD will not leave us

11default Tragic on Mon Apr 01, 2013 3:45 pm


I have seen this 2day 's before. Considered as player with our emotion. But the facebook group trends now also indicate there is something wrong. The kerala team's response is less and even tension effected.
So thanks for saving us from a sudden shock. Now we can expect 50 50 and make our mind to prepare for any verdict.

12default Court will favour only Justice on Mon Apr 01, 2013 11:49 pm

Malamaram chakkappan

Hall of fame
Hall of fame

I strongly advice Prajitha to read the Kerala high court single bench order From here if she really is a victim. Many of my friends are petitioners and they have called advocates. They all said normally there is no reason to get a negative verdict. The SB order is based on strong foundation of legal points and therefore to cross it is very difficult. Download it here . or read here.

I can't find an advocate named Joseph in the order. He may be a junior advocate and have called your friend without knowing much.






13default Confirmation on Tue Apr 02, 2013 1:07 pm


Jomy Jose, one of the main petitioner has confirmed that there is no such news of negative verdict from the part of advocates. Hope for justice will win............!

14default Re: UGC NET JUNE 2012- Court Favours UGC? on Thu Apr 04, 2013 12:46 pm


My wife is also victim. But we havent filed any case. Do we need to file another case when already there is hearing going on ?

15default ugcnet on Fri Apr 05, 2013 3:20 pm


I have nt filed any petition for june 2012 ugcnet case. I too is a vicyim , do i have to file a case.

16default Re: UGC NET JUNE 2012- Court Favours UGC? on Fri Apr 05, 2013 4:00 pm

Malamaram chakkappan

Hall of fame
Hall of fame
Radika and fundoomaster,
no need to file a fresh petition or join in existing (at this stage it is not possible). If DB verdict favours students, it will be applicable to all who appeared and got the criteria in the original notification unless otherwise stated in DB verdict.






17default Remember this on Wed Apr 17, 2013 9:30 pm


Hello sirs,

Are you waiting for the court order? It is foolish. After division bench there is full bench in the court and surely the division bench order should be appealed in full bench for revision. The minimum time will be 3 months. So it will be the end of July 2013 when full bench gives a verdict. If UGC takes one month time to submit for a review it will be august. Then at the end of September, if full bench also favour students UGC will appeal in Single bench of Supreme court. After 3 months that is december 2013 last the single bench order of Supreme court will come. If it is also favour students then after one month towards the end of January 2014 UGC give appeal in division bench of supreme court for review and the order will come only on April 2014. There after again a review at full bench is given the final order will be got only in August 2014. This is the minimum time. If there is delay more time may be taken. The appeal given by Mphyll students for some issues related with UGC which was taken path of solution in 2004 is still under jurisdiction of court. Those students who submitted petition in 2004 has no use. After 9 years still the case is pending in the court. And your case will be as the above.

So apply and try for further NET if you feel it is useful. I am sorry to the last PSC aspirants who has no use of NET after June 2012. Kerala public service commission may call the next notification only in 2017 or later and some candidates will not able to apply then because of age limit and for them clearance of NET in december 2012 and after is useless if they have 50 lac rupees with them to give the private mamangement for appointment in govt aided private colleges

18default verdicts only on Fri Apr 26, 2013 11:32 am


Dear all

How many of you have have filled RTI just sitting in front of the computer and write anything is not a right think . We need to wait for the orders.



19default Nagpur on Mon Apr 29, 2013 12:14 pm


Now nagpur division bench order has announced and it is in favour of students

20default Kerala DB is crucial on Sat May 04, 2013 5:07 pm


Since the Nagpur division order came in favor of students, UGC officials informally responded that they are waiting for Kerala Division bench order. What is the logic behind it? is it just a delay technic? or UGC expect something favourable from Kerala Division bench?

I think nagpur DB order is like Kerala SB order in terms of status. Before Kerala SB, candidates were petitioners and UGC was respondent. Before Nagpur DB it is same. But before Kerala DB, UGC is the petitioner to review the order given by single bench of same court and it is in Second stage. The others including Nagpur DB is order of first stage as it has not reviewed.

One of other point of Nagpur court is UGC has not very interested in Nagpur especially in the later part. They are not submitted the cause of appointment of committee for checking result. But they have provided the statistics of total applied and passed since 2000 before Kerala DB and argued checking of result was necessary for keeping quality in proposed teacher aspirants and UGC is responsible for that as per the rule. As per provided details the no.of NET passed for various session is as follows

June 2006 -----------6920
Dec  2006-----------5267
June 2007-----------5793
Dec 2007----------- 5931
June 2008----------6270
Dec 2008-----------6569
June 2009----------9529
Dec 2009-----------3190
June 2010----------7233
Dec 2010-----------12927
June 2011---------11896
Dec 2011----------13859
June 2012 (including supplementary) 57570

UGC believes these figures will open the eyes of court. This prove the change of criteria was necessary to keep more from passed which is followed as a practice by UGC from the beginning of NET. Moreover the presence of Mohan Parasenan, the Solicitor proved UGC is concentrating in Kerala. Nagpur order came favor of students only because UGC avoided it and had been very confidant on a positive verdict from Kerala.


Kerala high court has prepared the order. It is reserved on the application/plea filed by UGC. Reseving and stay is different but benefit the parties in the same way. When Kerala DB was going to declare the date of verdict on March 26, 2013 UGC appealed for Reseving it and court allowed it. But in Nagpur DB instead of reseving UGC appealed for stay. But the court rejected that appeal and so order was declared on the next day. But instead of one month to issue to give certificates , the court allowed one more month's time (8 weeks) to issue certificates. Thus eventhough stay appeal is rejected, Ugc got more time to give appeal in SC, before they have been made responsible for contempt of court. Now they can file in SC in last week of june in vacation bench of SC.
So the following things are sure in regard with this
i) Kerala DB order is being prepared and though not copy is handed over to parties, it is being indicated that, order is against UGC. So UGC applied for reserving it till may 2013. If it was favourable to UGC, they will not apply to reseve the same.
ii) Ugc is preparing for appeal in SC. They may have already decided in chairman's and member meeting in march 2013 itself. Advocate Mishra for UGC revealed it in Nagpur DB that ugc request to stay the order FOR MOVING TO SC. Without consent of chairman or Without support of a decision taken in a meeting, Mishra, personally cannot say 'ugc wants to go SC' (and so please stay the order)

22default Cont on Sun May 05, 2013 3:07 pm


The application to reserve the verdict is also is the proof of preparing to SC. When realised it is not favourable ugc applied for reserving it to get more time to prepare for SC appeal.
I have one more doubt after seeing the no of passed table given by harsha. For june 2012 it is 54000 and december 2012 is added to it, then 39900. And if june 2013 result is also added as 40 000 or near , then even judges will be convinced it is not reasonable for putting 2 50 000 only for june 2013. Thus UGC technic is to stretch the case upto result of June 2013

23default Cont on Sun May 05, 2013 3:11 pm


then even judges will be convinced it is not reasonable for putting 2 50 000 only for june 2013
Please correct it as 2012 (not 2013)

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